How to retain your current Accounting & Finance team

Do your team members have a clear path ahead? Are they aware of the opportunities that await them if they choose to stay? It’s essential to provide them with a sense of direction and purpose. Let’s explore some practical ways to create a fulfilling and motivating work environment. Celebrate the small successes. All too often, […]

3 things to do right now if you are hiring!

Do you need help hiring talent for your accounting and finance department? You’re not alone. And we predict this continuing for the rest of this year. Here are 3 things you could be doing right now to get the candidates you want on board. 1. Be aggressive. Go out and get the candidates that you […]

Is there an Accounting & Finance “Great Resignation” in Phoenix?

Hi, I’m Bernadette. Today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about “The Great Resignation” and if it’s happening in Phoenix within the local Accounting and Finance market. It’s interesting because although Phoenix is one of the top five U.S. cities across the country, we are still sometimes a little bit backwards. Even […]

How to Hire Top Talent – Fluff vs. Substance

I’m Bernadette, today I am going to help you hire that right candidate by sifting through all the fluff and getting down to the substance of the candidate. How to Identify Top Talent: This is sometimes really hard to do when you’re a hiring manager and you meet a candidate that you instantly bond with […]

The Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask to Determine Resilience!

Resilience sign with wooden cubes on background

Why Is Having a Resilient Workforce Important? As we move into the future, things are evolving and changing like no other time. We have automation, AI and other advancements that have made even the most stable and mature companies experience change. Just look at what happened to Kodak, Nokia and Yahoo.   This pace of […]

3rd Annual Controller & CFO Survey

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