Throw out your SMART Goals! How to Set Goals in 4 Easy Steps!

January 1st, 2021. The perfect time to set goals. It symbolizes a new beginning…a fresh start…a time to start over. The perfect time to set goals.   Although prior studies about goal setting leading to success seem to be Urban Legends, I still believe that having a goal and striving for it will make you […]

How to Hire Top Talent – Fluff vs. Substance

I’m Bernadette, today I am going to help you hire that right candidate by sifting through all the fluff and getting down to the substance of the candidate. How to Identify Top Talent: This is sometimes really hard to do when you’re a hiring manager and you meet a candidate that you instantly bond with […]

Ask Bernadette: What Job Boards do you Recommend for Job Searches? Job Seeker Question: “I have tried some of the big ones and I get more spam and job offers not remotely related to what I do. What ones do recruiters like yourself use?” We still like the larger job boards: Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor and Linkedin. There are two ways to use a job […]

The Little Engine vs. Bob the Builder

Children’s cartoons may seem irrelevant to Accounting & Finance staff, but there is a lot we can learn from a few of them.  Teamwork, positivity, humility, and determination are all traits that appear as common themes in our children’s favorite shows.  They are also traits that a leader needs to have so their team can […]