The Resource Link’s Hack on How to Get Promoted at Work

Anyone in any size organization and on any size team, has the ability to grow at work. Don’t let the fact that “there has never been this position before” stop you. Companies want to keep their good people happy! Remember, it never hurts to try or to ask a question! 

Step 1: Know Your Job & Turn in Quality!

Of course, you have to be a pro at your current position to even be considered for a promotion. Take the time to do your job right and turn in high quality work. Being an all-star in your current position will definitely help get you noticed and prove to your boss that you are ready to take on extra responsibility.

Step 2: Document Your Processes & Automate!

Document your processes. This way, someone can get in your position and know what to do by following your notes. Also, try to automate your work if you can!

Step 3: Communicate

Let your boss know what you have done and why. Say the words “I am looking for increased responsibilities” or “I feel I am ready to take that next step in my career”. If you don’t say the words, they won’t know what you want. If they don’t think you are ready for a promotion or additional responsibilities yet, make sure you come up with a plan together on how to get you there. Make sure to get on the same page about timeline.

Step 4: Keep a Positive Attitude

Don’t let the fact that your boss shot you down the first time change your attitude!

Step 5: Implement the Items Your Boss is Looking for

In Step 3, you should have received specific action items on what you needed to do to get promoted or gain additional responsibilities. Make sure you begin implementing these things immediately!

Step 6: Develop Emotional Intelligence and Don’t Self-Sabotage

What does your team think of you? Are you a leader? Do you cause distractions? There may be things you may be doing that are getting in the way. Develop some emotional intelligence and view your actions. Are there things you need to change?

Step 7: Ask Again

Schedule another meeting with your boss! Promoted? Congratulations!! Your boss still doesn’t think your ready? It may be time to look outside of your current position.  

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