We get awesome feedback!

We listen and we continue to evolve based upon feedback we receive from our candidates and clients. This lets us know what we do right and how we can make things better. Let us know what you think!

I kept on receiving calls from recruiters that say they have something, but they don’t. I go, and they don’t have anything. I am so glad that I come in to see you and that you were able to place me so quickly. November 2018

Tat M

Thank you for the follow up. I appreciate your services. I like you and I like your approach. November 2018


Great Experience! September 2018

Stacy G

I want to say that out of every recruiter I have ever worked with, The Resource Link is the ONLY ONE that didn’t ghost me after a month. If I ever find someone that needs a recruiter, I will refer you exclusively. Thanks again! September 2018

Susan H.

The team at The Resource Link was instrumental in how I found a new position. They took the time to give me feedback on my resume and how I presented myself in an interview. I am really glad I met with them. September 2018


I highly recommend The Resource Link! I was having a very hard time finding employment in this area that wasn’t a call center type position. Bernadette was able to place me in a position where my personal and professional skills were utilized! September 2018


I think Resource Link is absolutely wonderful and effective in what they do when placing you in the perfect position. I worked with Bernadette and she was very professional, yet friendly and personable. She listened to everything about me, including my interests and truly matched me to the right position. I am super grateful for her insight and witty intellect to think out the box and properly match me and follow up with each step. This was an awesome experience. Thanks Bernadette and Resource Link! September 2018


It is refreshing to feel valued by a recruiting company. You are definitely one of a kind! My boss and I were comparing our past recruiter experiences and realized we only worked with one that was good—it was you!


Awesome. What you just did is a GREAT EXAMPLE of why any company would be smart to work with you due to your knowledge of candidates and not just pushing anyone.


Thanks for touching base. Your efforts to stay connected with candidates during the process really sets you apart and is very much appreciated.


I just want to express to you that I am excited to have you represent me as you have demonstrated a professionalism, duty of care, and thoughtfulness that I have not encountered with any other recruiter. You asked a number of probing questions to get to the root of what drives my job search and what makes me a viable candidate for your clients. Your care for my present environment was unexpected, but certainly refreshing as it indicated you intend to represent me (and your clients) with the utmost in honesty. I am prepared to proceed with any position that you determine to be a good fit for me. I trust that you operate with the same due diligence and concern with your clients as you did with me, so any position you match me with is certain to be the right fit.


Once again, I just want to say thank you so much for all your help. The information you gave me in our meeting has be instrumental in how I have approached the entire process. I am really glad I met with you first.


The advice you gave me on the resume did the trick and I have the job that I thought was only a distant dream.

Susan, CPA

It is refreshing to find a recruiter in this marketplace who is sincere in their approach and who actually cares about you as a candidate. It is a night and day difference between Bernadette and other recruiters. She is absolutely so good at her job and her assistance was greatly appreciated.

Linda, Accountant

Bernadette is a motivated professional recruiter that I have been working with for about 10 years. I have personally worked with Bernadette when searching for a job and when hiring staff. She is knowledgeable, professional, and hard working.

Bernadette is committed to forming relationships and you can see this by her actions. While she is motivated, she is not pushy in her tactics. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

Michael L., Finance Manager / Operations Manager

I have known and used Bernadette as a recruiter since she got into the business in 1999. If you are candidate looking for a job or hiring manager looking for a resource, Bernadette knows the Arizona Market best. Recruiting fits her personality to a tee. While she is a motivated and persistent recruiter, she doesn’t try to push you into anything.

Bernadette understands that both the Candidate and Hiring Manager have to be happy otherwise the placement will not last. She is there to tell you the facts, not “sell” you a story. Bernadette is the recruiter I can count on to be honest and ethical and put my interests ahead of her recruiting fee.

Theresa E., Tax Director

Hiring Managers,

The Resource Link is, in my opinion, the best networked recruiting firm in town. I have had a higher success rate with them, both in candidates and quality of candidates for my business needs, than other firms. The CEO, Bernadette Grattan, is professional and gives each client an incredible feeling of personal service. You always feel as if you are their only client.

In hiring many professional accounting and finance positions over the past several years, Bernadette and her team have been tireless in ensuring my needs are met. Most importantly, this firm provides quality candidates in a timely manner.

I highly recommend the Resource Link as your lead recruiting firm in the Phoenix metropolitan market for finance and accounting professionals.

Matt S., Vice President, Finance

Trying to find a good job on your own is a tough task. With the help of The Resource Link, I was able to showcase my talents to a variety of successful companies and, ultimately, find a great job.

Bernadette, my agent, talked with me to find my strengths and career goals. She then tailored my employment options to fit my requests. Within hours, I was seeing results. She scheduled interviews and acted as a middleman between the employer and myself. It’s hard to imagine that getting a job could be this easy. More importantly, the job positions were outstanding. For anyone who is struggling to find a job, I strongly recommend The Resource Link.

Joe Z., Senior Accountant