How to Stay Positive During a Job Search


A layoff is never fun. No matter how many people were laid off, it is easy to take the layoff personally, instead of being objective about it. 

Add to that the fact that a job search can be a soul-crushing affair. You submit your resume, wait for a response, and either hear nothing back or get rejected. It’s easy to let the negatives mount up during a job search and start to feel despondent.

It is important to stay positive throughout the process and not let the negativity get the best of you. In this post, we provide 5 quick tips on how to do just that.

1. It’s not personal.

Remember that most everyone experiences a lay off or being fired at one point in their career. It’s not you, its everyone. Just because you’ve been laid off doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you as a person. Don’t let your overactive imagination create reasons when it was a business decision. It’s not personal, move forward.  

2. Focus on the positives.

Yes, you will experience rejection. Maybe a lot of rejection. Think positively, if you have applied to 100 companies and have been rejected by 10, but that means you only have 90 left to hear back from! And of those 90, there’s a chance that one or two of them may be interested in hiring you. 

The more rejection you experience, the closer you are to getting to a “yes”. So, keep your chin up and focus on the positives. You also want to make sure you surround yourself with positive people.

Interview advice: It is easy to pick up on negativity and desperation when you interview someone. It may be hard but think positively before you go into each interview. There is no way you can tell the outcome prior to going in. So, think the best, not the worst.

Employers are looking for people who are positive, so if you can show them this during the interview and even that you have positive things to say about a company that laid you off, it’ll go a long way towards getting hired.

3. Ask for feedback.

Ask for feedback from people in the industry. If you are sending out resumes but you don’t hear anything, ask for advice on your resume. If you have interviewed for several jobs but you are consistently not hired, ask for advice on how you interview.

This is tricky. Sometimes it is hard to find someone who will be truthful about what may be happening. I know from personal experience that some individuals really are not open to constructive feedback.

But remember, if you don’t know, you can’t fix it.

4. Persistence Pays Off.

The only way to guarantee that you won’t get hired is if you give up entirely. So don’t do that! If you’ve been applying for jobs and not hearing back, keep trying. Remember that persistence pays off. You may not see results immediately but don’t give up! Trust that eventually your hard work will pay off and you will find a new position. 

5. Make it happen.

In the end, the only person who is going to get you a job is YOU. So, get out there and make it happen! Attend networking events, reach out to contacts in your industry, and put yourself out there in as many ways as possible. The more active you are in your job search, the better your chances of finding employment will be. Remember activity breeds activity and inactivity breeds inactivity! 

Remember a job search can be an arduous and discouraging process, but only if you think it is. As you move through your job search remember; it’s not personal; focus on the positives; ask for feedback; be persistent; and make it happen! These tips will keep you on track during your search!! 


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