How Can you Make an Interview More Conversational?

Job Seeker Question: “How can you make to make an interview more conversational in nature?”

My answer is you might not always be able to. You need to let the Hiring Manager lead the interview.


If they are having a conversation with you. Great. This is the interview style that you like have the conversation back with them. Open up and show your personality but keep it professional.


If you have a hiring manager that is sticking to the questions and you have to give an answer. It’s not an open free flowing conversation. Unfortunately, you are going to have to follow their lead.


But that doesn’t mean that its going to come out bad. You might have to answer the behavioral questions, but you can still let your personality show. Change your tone. Be enthusiastic and let your motivation show!  


Just because the interview is a strict question/answer format, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your personality to shine through!

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