Jul 10, 2020

Employees are Staying Put

Quit Rate

Given how high the unemployment rate is, you might think that qualified candidates are falling from the sky; but you would be wrong.  We have found that our clients have retained more staff than they 
have laid off or furloughed. This is especially true on the accounting side.

In addition to this, according to the June 9th, 2020 BLS Job Openings & Labor Turnover Summary, the “quits” rate has fallen over the last 2 months to the lowest level in 5 years.  In case you are not familiar, 
the “quits” rate shows voluntary separation from a company initiated by the employee. This means that fewer people are actively looking for other job opportunities. 

The reality is that some companies are hiring. If you happen to be one of them, you are seeing firsthand that, for certain positions, competition is still high. If you are not using a recruiter, and one that has the relationships, you 
might find yourself searching for a long time.   

We know you get tired of “headhunters” that spend 5 minutes with a candidate, submit their resume and collect their fee.  We are not like that.  We seek out the RIGHT talent for your position.  We vet that 
talent for you, and we establish the relationships to ensure it is the right fit.

If you are hiring or will be hiring, let’s talk. Or let’s talk if you are curious about what we are seeing out there. Please feel free to call directly (480) 477-8440 or book a time on my calendar at: