How to retain your current Accounting & Finance team

Do your team members have a clear path ahead? Are they aware of the opportunities that await them if they choose to stay? It’s essential to provide them with a sense of direction and purpose. Let’s explore some practical ways to create a fulfilling and motivating work environment. Celebrate the small successes. All too often, […]

Accounting & Finance Leadership: Management in Quarantine

Life is still a little sideways right now and we are all finding new ways of adjusting and working things out. We have been hearing from many of our hiring managers and candidates that their work styles have changed. We found this interesting and dug into it a little more.    Here is what we […]

Keeping Your Top Talent – Super Bowl Style

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, we wanted to have some fun and talk about how you can keep top talent on your roster, just like the Kansas City Chiefs do!   The job market is still very active, and the competition is stiff when hiring. Keeping your top talent prevents you from […]

Are you doing enough to keep your team engaged?

Picture with icons and word Employee Engagement

The Resource Link has developed a “Management Hack” to help your team stay engaged, motivated, and not looking for accounting jobs. Use this to help ensure they stay in place during this crazy candidate-driven market!   With just an hour and a half of upfront timecommitment, you will start to have a more motivated and […]