Remote Promotions: 5 Ways YOU Can Get Promoted Working from Home


If you think that getting promoted during remote work is impossible, think again.  The onset of Covid-19 brought challenges to everyone working in the office. In some cases, people are working from home for the rest of the year. Others are working part time on site and part time from home.  As employers re-think everyone working on site, more and more people will continue to work from home. Here are a few things you can do to stand out and stay on track for that promotion!


1. Bring Solutions to the Table


Now is the time to solve your own problems. Your Finance Director and Controller are dealing with their own issues and they don’t have time to micromanage. If you have a problem, try to figure it out before asking. This is always the approach you should take, but even more so now with everything going on. We are all struggling. We all miss something that we can’t do anymore. Now is not the time to complain. 


2. Look at the Big Picture


This is always a strong skill, but especially when working from home.  When we are outside of the cubicle, we think about problems differently.  It is easier to get a bigger picture of business decisions when we are not in the office.  Maybe now, you’re reading more news about the economy or about major mergers; use this to your advantage.  Think about the big picture and how your role fits into the organization. Are there additional projects that you can be involved in?  Volunteer for them! Are there ways to streamline the process?  Use this birds eye view to come up with something great!


3. Keep your Manager Informed


Be sure to quantify what you are achieving while working remotely.  This way, there can be little to no denial of your successes and effectiveness.  Every manager is different, so gage how often you report in, but given some of the stigmas about individuals who work from home, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Send a daily or weekly report to your manager and let them know what you have been doing.


4. Show up Early


You never know the opportunities you may have 1 on 1 with a higher up. Get on that Zoom call 5 minutes before it starts and turn on your camera!  It is important to make sure CFO and other leaders see your face. Remind people that you are a person with a smile, not just a disembodied voice.  Make sure you know what is in the background of your picture and keep it professional. Dress as you would if you were at work. Even though you can, now is not the time to be sloppy. Hold yourself professionally in meetings and be sure to maintain appropriate facial expressions when on camera.  Remember that even though you may not be talking, your face is on screen and someone will see you roll your eyes. So don’t. You should behave no differently in front of a camera as you would sitting at the table in the room.


5. Don’t be a stereotype.


There are many stereotypes associated with those who work from home.  They’re lazy, they don’t work as hard or as much as we do, they don’t keep the same hours as the rest of us, we never see their faces, they got that sweet gig because they weren’t good enough to be in the office all day… These are just a few examples.  While working from home has its perks of convenience, it is still important to make the distinction between work and home.  What used to be a coffee break at the office can now be a start-the-laundry break, but it should still only be 5-10 minutes.  Discipline is the only characteristic that will keep you from becoming a stereotype. 


Kicking the stereotype can be a challenge, but through these 5 tricks and your determination to demonstrate your value, you will succeed.  Promotions in remote work are possible!  Don’t be afraid to set your sights on that next level just because you’re running the numbers from home.  People who have worked from home long term can be more productive, more successful, and less stressed in their work-life balance, but it takes the right personality to handle it.  Develop your discipline, maintain your professionalism, and perform at your best.  You may find that this is the best thing that has ever happened to you.



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