Top-ranked Leader Tabbie Bosch: Feedback, Mistakes, & Speaking the Language of Business | Episode 2

In this edition of Beyond the Numbers, Bernadette Grattan, Founder & Recruiting Director of The Resource Link, is joined by Tabbie Bosch, Division Controller of Southland Industries.

Ranked #1 in a Gallup poll of 400 

Tabbie said at TIC, she was ranked the #1 leader across her entire organization in a Gallup poll of over 400 people. This accomplishment occurred while Tabbie was leading a team of 60 employees that the parent company was absorbing. It created a challenging period for employees as they knew their jobs were being replaced.

Advice for Accountants

  1. Embrace Constructive Feedback:

If she could go back, one piece of advice Tabbie would give her younger self, is to view constructive feedback as an opportunity for growth, not a sign of failure. As Tabbie says, “Your skill set is not what is likely to hold you back from advancement. More often than not, it’s your soft skills that are going to hold you back. Receiving feedback will help you address those soft skills and build your leadership skills.” (If you are looking for more advice on feedback, check out our post on “Criticism vs. Feedback.”

  1. Learn from Mistakes:

Tabbie emphasizes the importance of not fearing mistakes. She says, “A lot of people, especially accountants, we’re bred to think that you have to be fast and accurate. And this is true. But mistakes are how you learn. So, don’t fear them, own them, learn from them, and don’t make the same one twice.”

Understand the Core Business & Speaking Their Language

Tabbie gives a final piece of advice: Know where the money is made and who’s making it. She explains, “Knowing who the people are and what they go through daily helps me understand my job better. Ultimately, I will be successful at my job if I can go to people outside of the accounting world and speak to them in a manner that’s understandable and actionable by them.” 

She adds that simply telling a leader, “I need you to cut your budget by 10%,” does not speak in terms they understand. Instead, she will say, “I was looking at your productivity, and lowering it by a couple of points will positively impact the bottom line, and here are some ideas…” In this way, she’s now speaking their language.  

Why Tabbie Loves Accounting

When asked why she loves accounting, Tabbie highlights the opportunities made available with an accounting degree. She says, “Every industry and business needs accountants, whether in the private or public sector.” 

She pointed out that attaining a CPA certification or working for a large auditing firm is not the only path to success. 

Tabbie said that accountants are needed across various industries. They also play crucial roles in accounts payable, receivable, payroll, costing, budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with GAAP standards. 

And contrary to another misconception, being good at math is not a prerequisite. She says, “We can be rule-keepers, standard-setters, historical reporters, and analysts that become translators to other professions.”

As Tabbie puts it, “Having an accounting degree allows a person a career with unlimited opportunities. The only thing that will limit your opportunities is the one you impose upon yourself.”

ABOUT Tabbie: Tabbie is the Division Controller of Southland Industries. In her career, Tabbie has directed accounting operations, financial reporting, business analysis, and developed high-performing teams across multiple industries. She demonstrates expertise in strategic planning, compliance, process improvements, team building, mentorship, and change management. 

Before joining Southland Industries, Tabbie was the Corporate Controller of TIC Holdings (part of Peter Kiewit). She has also made positive contributions during her time at STMicroelectronics and Phelps Dodge Corp (now Freeport McMoRan).

Tabbie earned her MBA from Western International University and a B.S. in Accounting from Western New Mexico University. 

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ABOUT Bernadette: Bernadette is the founder of The Resource Link, a specialty accounting & finance recruiting firm based in the Phoenix area. Since 2002, she has been providing a personalized approach to recruiting and a commitment to making great matches for long-term success. This means taking the time to understand the needs of employers looking to hire and discover career goals with those who may be seeking their next career opportunity. Before recruiting, Bernadette worked in public accounting.


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