COO Farrah Whitworth shares her accounting journey & advice to thrive in the profession | Episode 1

The choice between death & taxes and choosing the more cheerful path!

In this edition of Beyond the Numbers, Bernadette Grattan, Founder & Recruiting Director of The Resource Link, is joined by Farrah Whitworth, Chief Operating Officer of Globe Trust Company, LLC. Listen as Farrah discusses how accountants can (and should) have a personality.

Choosing the Right Accounting Path

Farrah knew from a young age that she wanted to be an accountant, but she also knew she didn’t want to conform to the stereotypical image of an accountant stuck in a cubicle all day with no personality, just looking at numbers, spreadsheets, and calculators with tapes. Instead, she chose to pursue a degree in tax, which allowed her to build personal relationships with clients and understand their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

“I love [tax] because it is such a personal relationship when you’re working in tax with your clients,” Farrah explains. “Especially when you work with individuals because you get to know their hopes and dreams, what they wish for their children, and in the area that I work, what they want to have happen to their wealth and their assets after they die.”

Advice for Young Accountants

When asked about the advice she would give her younger self, Farrah offers two critical pieces of wisdom:

  1.  Don’t wait for others to define your career path. “Figure out what you want and go after it and ask for it,” she advises. “No one’s going to give you anything unless you ask.”
  2. Find something you love within the accounting profession and become an expert in it. “If you find something within the accounting profession that you love, get really good at it,” Farrah says. “If you love something, you’re going to do a lot of it and you’re going to do it really well, and then the financial rewards will come.” It may take time, but the financial compensation will follow if you excel at what you enjoy.

The Versatility of Accounting

One of the reasons Farrah loves accounting is its versatility. “Accounting gives you the ability to do anything in the business world,” she says. “It is a wonderful, solid foundation for all areas of business.” Whether you prefer a more traditional role or aspire to climb the corporate ladder and reach the C-suite, accounting provides a strong foundation and exposure to various aspects of a company, from marketing to budgeting, projections, strategy, investments, tax, debits, credits, and financial statement reporting.

The Human Element of Accounting

Farrah emphasizes that accounting is ultimately about serving people, the end-users of financial statements. “When you form those relationships and you get to understand what’s important to those people, you can help them understand the numbers,” she says. This personal connection is instilled from the very first accounting class, where students learn that financial statements are for the end user – people.

While accounting may not be the most glamorous profession, Farrah finds it incredibly rewarding. She loves working with individuals and helping them reach their goals, whether it’s related to their wealth, assets, or estate planning. By getting to know her clients on a personal level, she can better advise them and understand what’s truly important to them.


ABOUT Farrah Whitworth, CPA: Farrah is the Chief Operating Officer of Globe Trust Company, LLC. With over two decades of progressive experience in trust operations and taxation, she oversees all operational facets of this leading trust firm. Farrah spent most of her career at Globe Corporation, advancing to COO during her 21-year tenure. Her background includes associate roles at renowned firms Gaughan & Nahom, PLLC, and Arthur Andersen.

As the COO of Globe Trust Company, Farrah brings her extensive experience in trust administration, taxation, and operations management to the table. Her strategic leadership and operational acumen are instrumental in driving operational excellence at the firm, ensuring its continued success and growth.

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ABOUT Bernadette Grattan: Bernadette is the founder of The Resource Link, a specialty accounting and finance recruiting firm based in the Phoenix area. Since 2002, she has been providing a personalized approach to recruiting and a commitment to making great matches for long-term success. This means taking the time to understand the needs of employers looking to hire and discover career goals with those who may be seeking their next career opportunity. Before recruiting, Bernadette worked in public accounting.

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