Sep 7, 2019

Are you doing enough to keep your team engaged?

Employee Engagement

The Resource Link has developed a “Management Hack” to help your team stay engaged, motivated, and not looking for accounting jobs. Use this to help ensure they stay in place during this crazy candidate-driven market!

With just an hour and a half of upfront time
commitment, you will start to have a more motivated and engaged team. (Who
won’t be answering recruiters’ inmails on LinkedIn!)

Step 1: Keep your team engaged by talking with them! (Schedule a 30-minute meeting)

Of course, the obvious first step is to engage
your team in open and meaningful dialogue. This means, don’t accept “it’s fine”
as an answer. And, they should be doing most of the talking.

  • Schedule one on one meetings.
  • Start by letting the individual know that you are interested in helping develop them in their career.
  • Ask what types of duties or projects they would like to be working on.
  • Ask them where they see themselves in 2-5 years.

You can and should do this even with average
performers, as it may help them become more engaged.

Step 2: Keep your team engaged by setting expectations (30-minute prep / 30-minute meeting)

Take the information from the initial conversation
and decide on a game plan to help the individual achieve their goals.

This should be done one week after the first
meeting so you both have time to prepare.

Step 3: Keep your team engaged with monthly to quarterly check-ins (15-minutes each)

At a minimum of every quarter, have a quick
follow up. How are things progressing? What has gotten in the way?

Make it happen!

  • This
    can be done in all sizes of companies and departments.
  • Think
    outside of the box.
  • If
    your staff is interested in taking over some of your duties….figure out a
    way to do this. Who knows, it may open up your time to have more of a
    balance or allow you to add more meaningful value to the organization.
  • It
    is easier for you to be promoted if you have someone good to back-fill
    your position!