Jun 20, 2019

2019 Annual Survey Results


We asked Accounting & Finance Executives for their biggest challenge. Here is what we learned:

36% Scarcity of Talent: In today’s job market, scarcity of talent exists at ALL levels. However, a good majority of the respondents had specific challenges with skilled labor and lower level employees that will jump for 50 cents more.

14% Money: Money for talent, money for growth, money for acquisitions (and then finding the targets) maintaining profits, price compression.

13% (Tie) The Government: More specifically new and changing accounting rules, tariff uncertainty, and overall government interference.

13% (Tie) Changing Business Environment: This includes the fluidness of a company to adapt quickly or even adapt at all, disruption from new business models, capacity, lack of new products, managing growth.

8% (Tie) Anything IT Related: Cybersecurity, leveraging data, keeping up with the changes.

8% (Tie) Personal Planning & Focus: Having time to do everything, setting aside quality time.

5% (Tie) HR: Integrating younger talent within organization, managing quality of individual employee output.

5% (Tie) Strategy: Finding time to focus on strategy, review and update business processes, needing to but not being able to update or upgrade.